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25 Aug 2020 - 27 Aug 2020
Gamesmatch 2020 - Virtual Networking Event


1. Costs

  1. The participation in the #gamesmatch is free of charge.

2. The B2Match app

  1. You can download the app via Google Play (Android) or the Apple store.
  2. Registration via the app is not possible. Please register first via your browser. The app can only be used for managing your meeting schedule.
  3. If you cannot attend the meeting please cancel its through the app so your meeting partner will get a notification.

3. The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

  1. The service of the Enterprise Europe Network is free of charge.
  2. When registering you can pick a so called Support Office. "Support Office" is related to the place where you are geographically based. You should pick the support office from your country & region. If your region does not have a local support office or your office isn't available on this page, please select "I don't know my support office".
  3. Since the mediation of contacts between event participants is a goal of the EEN, we are pleased about feedback and every information about organisations you could initiate follow-up activities with.

4. The Matchmaking

  1. You can find detailed information regarding the creation of profiles, marketplace entries or the booking of meetings on How it works. You can also contact your support office or the organisers Sabrina Wodrich or Katharina Fuchs for further questions.
  2. If you cannot attend the #gamesmatch please cancel your meetings through the platform so your meeting partner will get a notification.
  3. The Matchmaking will take place online.

5. Follow-up

  1. This event is funded by the European Commission and the State of North Rhine Westphalia. The participation is free of charge. However collecting the results is part of our reporting duty towards the EU Commission. Thus we need your feedback on the meetings you had.

Visit #gamesmatch on twitter!
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Twitter: @NRWEuropa and @EEN_Deutschland
Instagram: @nrw.europa


Closed since 27 August 2020

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Participants 174
Meetings 203


Australia 1
Austria 2
Belgium 21
Bulgaria 4
China 2
Croatia 2
Cyprus 1
Estonia 2
Finland 1
France 14
Germany 22
Greece 4
India 1
Israel 1
Italy 6
Japan 4
Korea, Republic Of 1
Lithuania 3
North Macedonia 1
Netherlands 1
Philippines 1
Poland 5
Romania 4
Russia 1
Slovakia 2
Spain 36
Sweden 1
Turkey 4
Ukraine 16
United Kingdom 4
United States 9
Uruguay 1
Viet Nam 1
Total 179


Freelancer 6
Start-up 46
Company 106
University 3
R&D Institution 3
Association/Agency/Cluster 3
Authority/Government 8
Other 4
Total 179

Profile views

Before event 8573
After event 271
Total 8844